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The Montbéliarde comes from the mountainous Jura region in France. They are unusually hardy, frugal and adaptable to tough climates, both hot and cold. While they are used in beef and dairy production, they are especially sought after for the outstanding quality of their milk, which is used to make a wide range of world…
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The Simmental breed is reared for both milk and meat production. They range in colour from light tan to dark red with white markings on the head, behind the shoulders, belly, legs and flank. They may be with or without horns. Simmentals are noted for their muscling, high growth rate and excellent milk production. Simmental…
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The Normande is prized for both dairy and beef production. Its coat can vary in great deal in colour. It typically combines red, white and brown, with a white head and darkly spectacled eyed. Normande cattle are highly adaptable: they are found in Northern Europe, South America and Africa. They lead long and fertile lives,…
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