Culture, sharing and respect

The competence and experience of the company embrace every aspect of the meat production and marketing cycle, touching on all the key points: from the choice of the breed to obtain the most suitable one, up to the meticulous care of feeding the garments for healthy and adequate nutrition. And, again, from the development of appropriate vaccination programs, to the design of transport plans.

INCONTRA also has the necessary know-how to deal with the complex aspects of logistics, but also the indispensable knowledge in terms of regulations on livestock and meat trade on a national and international scale.

Dedication, care and competence are the values ​​that have allowed the company to deserve the trust and loyalty of customers, as well as to win the respect and esteem of the industry. Thanks to the determination combined with the strong desire for growth and expansion, INCONTRA has been able to successfully penetrate international markets, identified through careful market analysis and with a constant search for solid collaborations.

All the goals achieved so far and the objectives achieved have been made possible by shared sustainable projects of recognized depth.

Our operational bases are located in:






We support a beef production process of high quality, from breeding to the finished product, by:

  • selecting animals of the best cattle breeds for our customers,
  • tailored feed and vaccination plans, suitable both for customers and market requirements,
  • planning programmes to collect livestock ready for slaughter,
  • slaughtering cattle at certified abattoirs, to supply the Italian large retail or export.

Moreover, we can supply Halal certified beef.

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