When, in 2004, Fulvio Fortunati decided to set up INCONTRA in partnership with Pietro Paderno, he had a clear vision of what the industry needed: a company that could be trusted to deliver genetic products, livestock and bovine meat to the exact standards expected by clients around the world - without fail.

That's what INCONTRA sets out to do.
Fulvio has a lifetime’s experience working with cattle. His passion for this business was born out of a long family tradition in cattle trading and butchering. He learned very early on the dedication it takes to produce quality bovine livestock and meat.
Fulvio worked for some of Europe's key players in the poultry, pork, beef and dairy cattle. He honed his understanding of livestock and meat trading on a large scale: ensuring that products are consistently delivered to precise standards, strict timelines and tight budgets was at the heart of the role. In 1994, Fulvio was appointed General Manager of the Italian branch of Calexport, a French group which trades some 100 000 cattle per year. He left in 2004 to create INCONTRA.
Few people have a more intimate and detailed knowledge of bovine production, trading and marketing than Fulvio. For more than a decade, he travelled around the world in order to understand the demands of diverse markets, find the best breeders and producers, select appropriate farming grounds, and raise quality standards. Fulvio's extensive international networks and business knowledge mean that Incontra can find the best solutions for its clients.
An active member of international committees, Fulvio also keeps abreast of - and helps develop - best practice in the bovine and ovine industry. He spent four years as Coordinator of YEMCO for the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV). He also sits on theboard of UNICEB.